Understand shopper perceptions and unmet needs across key Tyson categories. Use those insights to develop thought-leading designs for grocery customers.


Conducted qualitative and quantitative research and developed shopper-based design solutions.


The output was combined with Nielsen and McKinsey work to yield thought-leadership for U.S. grocery.


Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Retail Strategy, Environmental Design, Digital and Print Graphic Design


As category leader in the space, Tyson sought to gain insight into best practices, trends and shopper needs in the evolving grocery store experience. Knowing that shopper preference continues to move toward experience, they wanted to validate some hypotheses and provide retail customers with areas of white space opportunity in their stores.


Design solutions that could be leveraged for customer education and inspiration

PINE worked closely with the Tyson team to understand the category landscape. Our team took Tyson on store audits to see in and out of category examples of how experience is evolving. We delivered a Knowns and Glimpses review which educated Tyson on future possible evolutions in grocery and general retail.

After conducting in-depth research our team developed strategic platforms for ideation. The ideation led to design solutions that could be leveraged for customer education and inspiration.

The solutions resulted in key successes with customers and prototyping of an innovative fixture for use in Tyson’s sell-in process.