To pine for something is to desire it with everything that you are, and everything that you have. It's an unquenchable thirst. A yearning that transcends both the conscious and the unconscious.

When you pine for something, it dominates all your thoughts and drives all your actions. Some could call it an obsession. We prefer the word passion.

So, what do we pine for? What are we passionate about? What force keeps us going?

The Power of Human Potential.


So we created PINE.

pine | /pīn/ verb 1. to long for intensely


There are business consultants and there are creative agencies. At PINE, we’re both. We see business and creativity as one. We use research, strategy and design to deliver solutions to our clients' business challenges. Our approach is Opportunity-Centered Design.

Approach Diagram

Consumer & Shopper Insight

Our roots are in human-centered design. We gather insight by conducting qualitative and quantitative studies on our own, partnering with your research firm, or leveraging existing research.

Business Strategy

One thing that sets us apart from traditional design firms is our business acumen. Our teams have significant business experience across strategy, marketing, sales, and general management.

Strategic Foresight

We deliver foresight using knowns and glimpses. Knowns are the trends happening around us now. Glimpses are small, subtle changes we see as emerging situations, technologies or events.



We set out to understand the core issues

Questions Research Hypothesis


We create the setting to explore opportunity

Strategy Frameworks Bridge Building


We ideate, imagine, and design

Ideas Concepts Notions


We make it real

Iterate Prototype Pilot Launch