Develop impactful category and sub-category strategy and sell-in stories using 8451 data and supplemental research.


Synthesized data and used design lens to identify category and sub-category growth opportunities.


Strategy and sell-in story that was leveraged for retailer meetings and test and learn pushes.


Growth Strategy, Retail Strategy, Retail Design


SC Johnson sought PINE’s retail and sell-in expertise.  They had sufficient data and wanted a partner who could create a clear, concise and compelling story to drive their customer to improve the category experience.


Identify shopper drivers and understand where and why competitors were winning

PINE combined store audits and data analysis to understand shopper drivers and where and why competitors were winning in these categories.

The result of this highly collaborative engagement was a clearer, exciting way for SCJ  to look at the category and a compelling and visually appealing sell-in presentation.