Envision future emerging channels for impulse and educate client and customer teams through narratives and concepts.


Generated a way of thinking and scenarios for future shopper journeys, narratives and illustrations.


The output was used for strategic planning, leadership education and new business development.


Growth Strategy, Foresight, Omni Channel Strategy


Mars is a thought leader in the retail space and quickly realized that a deeper understanding of potential emerging retail channels was required.  PINE had successfully advised them on in-store and online strategies.  These new emerging channels could potentially be looked at differently and bring a whole new future for commerce.


Future scenarios, shopper journeys, narratives, and illustrations

We educated their team on Knowns and Glimpses and identified potential channels that fell outside of traditional brick and mortar or ecommerce retail.  We translated these into future possible scenarios and generated shopper journeys, narratives and illustrations as part of the engagement.

The output was used to educate internal stakeholders, new business development teams and key customers.  It was also used to help the companies which represented new channels understand retail and how they could look at and leverage the shopper journey for business benefit.