This market leader sought consumer insights to inform future tractor designs for the North American market.


Qualitative research to gain insights with the target audiences. Translated insights into key design attributes.


A thorough understanding of previously unknown and articulated aspects of tractor design.

A design dictionary that product planning and design teams reference to evaluate and drive future designs.


Qualitative Research, Design Strategy


Mahindra made its first tractor in 1963 and is India’s largest manufacturer. The US market is important in Mahindra’s growth plans.  Having entered the market in 1994, they have grown rapidly and have had continued success for their affordable and reliable products. As the US tractor owners’ use has continued to evolve, Mahindra wanted to better understand tractor owners’ tractor needs and key perceptions of tractors on the market in order to inform future tractor designs.

Mahindra’s Global Insights team, in close partnership with their Product Design & Engineering groups wanted a firm whose experience included both research and design.

The PINE team recruited research participants from across the NA market.  The recruit reflected the target audiences and spanned geographic regions to include a breadth of small farm and land types. We worked closely with Mahindra’s team, educating them on the US owner profile and nuances of the market.


Previously unknown insights that could be used for future tractor designs

Our team synthesized foundational work and hours of interviews. We identified key attributes and words used when describing tractors and their meaning to the audience.The team then prepared a design dictionary of visuals, key terms, definitions and implications for design.The output yielded previously unknown insights, ones that they could now use for future tractor designs.

Our deliverable is being used by the Mahindra’s product planning, design and engineering teams to create the next generation of tractor designs for the U.S. market.They have a strong grasp of key attributes and design perspectives for their target audiences.