This market leader sought experiential retail marketing campaigns to drive awareness, consideration, preference and purchase of Intel-inside devices across malls, E-sport cafes and retailers in Asia Pacific.


Strategy and design of experiential and shopper marketing strategy.  Kit of part development for deployment by local teams across 14 APJ countries.


Highly successful campaigns which drove positive perceptions and sales of Intel-inside products.


Experiential Design, Shopper Marketing, Retail Design, Digital Integration


Intel’s is the market leader in processors but as a growing number of consumers move to game consoles and phones, the brand cannot be complacent in attracting and remaining relevant to consumers who still rely on PCs for tasks such as gaming, design and work productivity.

Intel connects with shoppers in a number of ways; through experiential programs at high traffic lifestyle and IT malls throughout Asia, with in-store programs and with online engagement.

After multi-year relationship and success with the PINE team at a previous firm, Intel became PINE’s first client.


Distill key insights, generate key marketing ideas and design engaging experiences

The team was asked to distill key insights, generate key big marketing ideas and design experiences that would engage shoppers in malls and stores.  As an ingredient brand who partners with other big brands such as device manufacturers and game companies, the programs for Intel are particularly tricky as they should lead to primary attribution to Intel.

PINE  has delivered multiple successful experiential and shopper marketing programs, including a collaboration between Intel + HP for an event and Intel + Microsoft to drive Windows 10 and Intel Inside in 2019. Our team builds playbooks which include all details for local markets to implement the programs including design documentation, copy, scripts and in-depth game play guidelines.