The ask was to translate the dynamic history of prohibition to launch a new whiskey brand.

Partnership to tell a brand story, name, logo, label and package to express the history.

Award-winning Whiskey, name, logo, label and packaging.

Brand Strategy, Packaging


The PINE team helps emerging and established Food & Beverage brands with their brand strategy and packaging efforts. This is a growing area for PINE as display-on-shelf as well as consumer unpackaging when DTC (direct-to-consumer) plays a pivotal role in brand experience.

High Bank Distillery Co-Founder, Adam Hines, leads PINE’s brand strategy and packaging initiatives with the High Bank portfolio and other well known and emerging brands such as Bolthouse Farms, Bob Evans, Gatorade, Zest Juice Co., and more.

The team works closely together to capture brand histories, conduct naming exercises, brand strategy sessions and creative executions.


Successful brand executions across emerging Food & Beverage brands.