Our Work

Growth Strategy:
Future of Retail

Mars Wrigley Confectionery realized that new distribution channels, enabled by new technologies and start-ups, were beginning to shape. These channels, between physical stores and traditional e-commerce, were uncharted territory as potential revenue drivers. PINE worked with Mars Wrigley to create a framework for integrating their business with these new channels, envision future hypothetical scenarios and develop coherent category stories.

Our Approach

Synthesized market factors, trends and research from both internal and external data sources to provide "lay of the land"

Identified knowns (trends) and glimpses as well as their implications

Shared ideas for future scenarios integrating predictive technologies and data capture

Created consumer personas + designs to bring the future scenarios to life across a range of audiences with varying degrees of digital understanding.

Developed an overarching strategic framework and language for the shopping "journey" of the future to better fuel Customer dialogue


PINE delivered clarity, a new way to think about these emerging distribution platforms and storytelling tools. This output continues to be used to educate and excite internal stakeholders, sell to existing customers and cultivate relationships with prospective partners and customers.